Manchester Gems

March 22, 2019

Some oldies from a trip to Manchester back in October, because why not?

My sister and I planned a weekend break to Manchester. I'd supposedly been there as a child but I have nooo recollection of the sort, so it felt like a trip to a new city. We kept it cheap and cheerful, staying in a very central Premiere Inn which was all we needed for our long weekend.

Our first day was spent wandering around the city, popping into shops we don't have here in Belfast and as usual, there was plenty of food involved. We even went late night bowling after a cocktail or two which ended very miserably, with me losing, as per when it comes to bowling though.

For our second day, I wanted to do something a little more unique to Manchester so I researched some lil independent spots, and google guided us towards the Northern Quarter. We had an awesome breakfast in Federal Cafe Bar and despite their crazy long queue to get a table, they managed to maintain a super chill atmosphere. Not to mention, the brekkie was as beaut as their interior. Following brunch, we took a stroll around the nearing streets and found tonnes of independents, thrift shops, book stores and coffee spots. Some of my favourites & featured in my pics include: Oklahoma, Magma and Cow, where I ended up finding a second hand, and very oversized Levi's jacket, which I'd been on the hunt for, for years - so as you can imagine - I couldn't have been happier. The rest of our day was spent ogling at street art, popping into small florists, (where I picked up a tiny white squash for Halloween which has somehow survived & is currently residing on my shelf), stopping for many a coffee and we finished off with a delightful dinner at Asha's.

After going through all my photos of this trip, I’m absolutely dying to head back. I don’t think Manchester is the kind of place you need a whole week to visit, so I’d probably keep it to another weekend break. But I guess the fun is mostly in the company :)

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