Blogging is... difficult

May 02, 2018

Hey! So I'm (very) slowly realising that blogging is... difficult. Initially, I'd hoped to blog about alllll my favourite outfits and latest purchases but oh my word, there are so many aspects to blogging I had just never fully thought through. Like, how could it be so difficult to get a couple of outfit snaps, some funky flat lays for a haul post and just chat about my own thoughts and feelings? Ehhh turns out it's actually quite demanding. I'm aware my blog is a total mish-mash of my life rather than a space that solely revolves around my love for fashion - which I'd initially hoped for and because of this, it's something I rarely, if ever, even discuss with friends or promote online. I'm not entirely sure what my aim even is on here anymore but one thing I really enjoy is using this space as a home for the many photos I take, share my super sketchy artwork and most importantly; reflect on previous posts - more like an online diary.
In the beginning, I really wanted to post super high quality photos and become this energetic, life loving, multitasking DIY/Beauty/Fashion guru all at once... Guess it goes to show the importance of planning things before delving into them, right? So yeah, like I said, this is going to continue as a super casual platform based around my life happenings and things that interest me.
Not sure how compelling that sounds as of yet but at least everything remains more manageable and motivating for me to keep up with. Hope that makes sense! 

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