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March 17, 2018

The start of my 2018 has been surprisingly busy. I mean, I haven't done anything majorly exciting as of yet, but I've certainly been making the most of my time off. It's been a hectic few months since summer - graduating from university and being thrown into the deep end at work by starting during the Christmas period. But now that I've come out the other end, my hours have been way more manageable and I'm still in the midst of coming to terms with the fact that I don't have any assignments looming over me anymore. It means my time off is actually my time, and it's been pretty awesome if I'm being totally honest!
I think one of my favourite things about having my own place now is hosting the fam. My mum and sister visited Belfast at the beginning of February for a girly weekend and while mum has already visited a number of times (which is totally like a seal of approval), it was my sister's first stay at the new pad. Funnily enough as a teen, I used to get away to her Dublin apartment for couple of weekends during the summer holidays as a mini city break, and I love that I'm now able to return the favour. Our aim for the weekend was to sort ourselves out for my brother's upcoming wedding but we also managed to squeeze in juuust a couple of gins and a quick trip to the seaside. 

I really took living in the countryside for granted when I was back at home for the summer. Even when I went to uni, there was a massive park FULL of greenery that I could wander through whenever I felt a little homesick, but I find that around our apartment, trees and plants are few and far between. Adam and I had a rare correlating day off together, so we headed into town to grab some long overdue Korean food, followed by a walk through the botanic gardens. It's a place we often used to visit during the early stages of our long distance relationship, so it felt quite nostalgic returning after a couple of years. It also opened my eyes to how ignorant I had been towards plants back in the day - so sorry plants!! 

Although I have a lot of free time, I’m finding it difficult to fit everything that I want to do into my day. For example - going to work, unwinding watching TV, reading a physical book, drawing drawing and more drawing, blogging and freaking exercise. Sooo, I’m becoming a serious multitasker. While watching TV I’m constantly working on my lettering and just small doodles which I can later digitise on my iPad Pro. Nothing fancy AT ALL to show but here are a couple of bits n' pieces I’ve been working on & I'm sure I'll show you more once I improve at a later date. Was delighted with how my Chinese lantern, red pockets and new Oliver Bonas mugs turned out!

So there's just a little update as to what I've been up to. I want to make my blog way more personal now as I think I'll be more likely to keep up with it. Oh, and since writing the bulk of this post, we attended my brother's wedding and had the most magical weekend in an apartment by the sea, then in a castle where the ceremony took place. It was a super emotional few days and I'm honestly quite sad now it's now all over. I'm definitely the kind of person who needs a lot of family time to recharge butttt I guess that's okay because we've got a a lot planned throughout the upcoming year that I am living for and will be sure to blog about. Until next time! 

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  1. I couldn't agree more, the best thing about entering the "working world" is the end of assignments and homework! Being able to do whatever we want of our free time is the best lol



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