What I got for my 21st Birthday!

January 18, 2018

So I recently turned 21 and it’s come with all sorts of feelings and new adjustments in my mind. Sort of like rearranging the filing system in my head I guess. I’ve never been overly conscious about my age, but I guess the hype around your big 21st has got me thinking. Like, I feel as though I’ve already achieved so much in certain areas of my life, but I’m lacking in others. For example, I’ve finished uni with results I never thought I could've achieved, got my own apartment and a job to fully support myself, but there are still major milestones in life that I haven’t even touched yet - like learning to drive or working for a major company in my field. But I guess the important thing to remember is that the right time for these things will eventually come and it’s best to not compare myself to what everyone else is doing. 

Ok - reflection time over. Time to get a grip. My family threw me an amazing little party back home with prosecco, cake, balloons, confetti and of course, presents - and lots of 'em. So I shot a few pics of my faves to share and here they are in no particular order! 

I did actually ask for a couple of these pressies, and my most practical request was probably this bag, which was like a total necessity. I’ve been toing and froing between work and home with a backpack as my usual handbag just isn’t big enough (yes, I probably do overpack for work but anyway). I asked for this semi circular, bottle green, cross body bag that I had been eyeing up in Marks and Spencer. Bottle green is my current obsession and I swear I already own almost every item of clothing in this colour, so this bag without a doubt fits seamlessly into my wardrobe.

I also asked for a book solely based on lettering. I’ve got a tonne of Photoshop files filled with my own prints and patterns but I’ve been seriously lacking in the lettering department. It’s an area we barely managed to touch on in uni but I've always admired and wondered how it was done. I’ve spent the last year perfecting my faux calligraphy but I figured that it was now time to branch out from just one style and to start studying different lettering combinations and layouts. So far, I feel as though I’ve been extremely lost in this world of typography and Jessica Hische has just taken my hand and is currently guiding me in the right direction, through her book 'In Progress', from her initial hand drawn sketches to the final, digital print. So I guess it’s just down to me to practice! 

This cushion was a total surprise from my sister. At this point, everybody knows how much I adore Roquefort, our aptly named cheese plant, so this cream canvas cotton cushion from Elizabeth Scarlett featuring embroidered monstera leaves is ideal for the flat. I really admire the attention to detail paid in the design with the the glitzy gold threads, adding a little bit of sparkle to the couch!

Next is this gold edged, mirrored jewellery box. It was a complete surprise from my mum and although she claims that it didn’t cost much, it’s an extremely personal present. I’ve whinged about how expensive these little glass and brass boxes are almost every time we've gone shopping, but she managed to find me the perfect one in Dunnes Stores. I honestly think this one has so much more character than any of the others I’d seen before and I adore it’s rustic look and the fact that it features mirrored sides rather than glass so no one can see in. The dividers in this piece have been such a help too as I can separate my earrings from my rings etc. I’ve placed it near my plants now because it reminds me of a tiny greenhouse among the trees - v cute indeed! 

And last but not least, I received some wall art!! I’d been looking at the Rifle Paper Co. prints for a super long time before Adam got me their cheese plant one, and I am now SO happy to have the toucan print now so I can hang them up side by side. I can't wait to see how this is going to look in our apartment, just gotta get matching frames and some 3m strips!!

So that’s a wrap! I did get a few other bits and pieces for my birthday but I thought I’d just share a small selection so as not to bore you! Here’s to a happy new year and fingers crossed, to a happy 21st!

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