Suitcases and Spooky Faces

October 11, 2017

My life as of late has just consisted of packing, wrapping and unpacking. Yep, I'm currently moving to a new apartment - Gulp. I know that everybody says moving house is meant to be one of the most exciting things you do, especially now that Adam and I are ending the ~long distance~ part of our relationship but honestly, this whole moving business is so damn stressful. Our flat is FULL of suitcases, bags and boxes and for some reason it's taking me ages to get my head together and just decorate the flat. I don't understand, this is SO unlike me - I've waited years to have a place I could call my own, and now I have it I just wanna lie on the couch all day watching loose women and the chase. BUT I guess moving to a new city is daunting enough - setting up a new bank account, a new phone, JOB hunting. Agh. Maybe my brain is being sensible by focusing on the bigger picture and saving my tiny breakdown over where I'm going to place all of my house plants for later.

Anyway, I'm not a total failure - whilst packing, I managed to cram all of my decorations into one special box. My -festive- box if you will. SO, all of my October goodies were at the ready for our grand arrival. Over last few of years, I've gotten SO excited about Halloween. I mean, I don't even do anything on Halloween night except get cosied up on the couch, carve the pumpkin and throw on a spooky movie, but I've seriously bought into the whole Halloween hype. 

Maybe because it's an excuse for my suppressed inner goth to pay an annual visit from my early teen years. Or maybe because it's a cosy mini festivity to get excited over just as summer ends and right before the Christmas razzmatazz. Whatever it is, as soon as it strikes October first, every image in my mind is overlaid by a warm orange filter with crisp autumn leaves in the corners. Sort of like a snapchat filter, or tinted glasses. So yeah, I just wanted to check in and show a few of my Autumnal pieces that I've planted around the flat so far!

Have you guys started putting up your Halloween decorations yet or are you waiting until it's closer to the date? 

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  1. Your pumpkin lights are so pretty and I definitely need to invest in something like that for the years to come!
    Lucie, xx


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