Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2017

It's been a whole month now since I've moved to Belfast and I’ve managed to bag myself a dream apartment, a new phone and a new job. All within a month, all within my budget and all exactly what I wanted. It’s always a scary feeling when so many things go to plan, especially all at once, but I'm trying my best to savour this time, make the most of it and just hope that it lasts.

It’s been a month of changes for sure and it makes me feel a little nostalgic and self aware but I’m just telling myself that there’s no rush and things will fall into place.

Asides from stressful-real-world-adult-stuff, I’ve been trying my best to make this October as ~spooky~ as poss. October for me has never really been what I've wanted. I've just never felt as though I could really make the most of it. During school, there were midterm exams, and assignments at uni. But now that I'm free from education for the first October ever, I've been LOVING it. You're probably thinking wait, why wouldn't you just take a weekend off study/assignments? And you're right, why couldn't I just do that?? Back then, even when I'd take the time off, I'd constantly have the thoughts of my assignments looming over me to the point where I couldn't really enjoy living in the moment anymore. It's sad, but I guess the pressures of school and work can really get the better of you. 
BUT - not anymore. This year I'd gotten my priorities straight early and started my Halloween celebrations on October first to make up for lost time. 

As you may have seen in my last post, Adam and I decked our (new) halls with pumpkin lights and skeleton candles quite early on in the month and the following weekend, we managed to get our hands on some Halloween cupcakes from J-bird. They came in toffee apple, chocolate orange, s'mores and not only were they deeeelicious, (possibly the best cupcakes I'd ever eaten) they even looked the part. The webbed icing, the burnt effect of the meringue, the hard toffee shard, and of course my personal favourite, the green alien from Toy Story, they were suchhhh a great Halloween assortment.

A week later, my mum came to visit and we really got our spook on with some pumpkin carving. Usually, we'd just get one pumpkin, someone would scoop out the insides and I'd end up carving Jack Skellington's face into it and this had somehow turned into an unspoken annual tradition. This year however, we got a whole freaking family of pumpkins; small medium and large and we each totally free styled them. I'd been using Jack's face as a template for so many years now that it was time try something different and just have fun with it, so I ended up giving my pumpkin some evil eyes and monster teeth. 

This weekend, we went to the Belfast Halloween Fireworks for the first time. I always seem to underestimate how exciting seeing fireworks are - usually I'm like -yep seen 'em a million times before- but when I'm actually watching them, it's always super magical. I mean, the fireworks were in no way Halloween-y or anything (although we did see some dude wearing an actual pumpkin on his head and I can't get over why he would put himself through that) but it was the perfect way to close the month. 

It was definitely the best October I've had in years, I think we managed to pack every weekend with something Halloween themed which is exactly what I'd hoped for. Now that university and all of that education is over, I feel like I can finally start doing things the way I want to and so far, it's been great. Hope you all have the Happiest Halloween! 

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