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August 15, 2017

Wow, it’s been a while.. a good while. BUT - I totally wasn’t sitting around on my ass procrastinating. THIS TIME I’ve actually got something to show for my absence… a degree, no doubt! Yep, would you believe I’m officially done, dusted and free from education for as long as I please? I sure can’t.

Obviously, major celebrations were in order so, not so long ago Adam and I jetted off for a two week holiday in Hong Kong! Seeing as this was my first time visiting Asia, and a lifelong DREAM of mine, I managed to fill a whole 64GB memory card with photos. Aargh. I’ve absolutely no idea where I'm going to store them, but I wanted to throw a couple up on ~the blog~  to share and document the occasion! 

I find it really difficult to pin point my favourite thing that we did in Hong Kong. Some of our more day-in-the-life experiences consisted of us exploring the streets of Lan Kwai Fong, wowing at all of the incredible architecture, trying the daintiest cakes you'd think you could only find in an anime and desperately hopping from shop to shop in hope of sapping as much of their air con as possible - just to beat the suffocating humidity. 

Of course, we also went on many excursions and visited major attractions too, so here are three of our most memorable days out: 

Ngong Ping 360

A cable car swept us over incredible arial views of woodland forests, giant waterfalls and man-made paths (it felt as though we were accompanying David Attenborough shooting a documentary) leading us to Ngong Ping where we visited the Tian Tan Buddha and a small village. It was particularly rainy that day and because we were so high up in the mountains, our photos turned out rather misty. It’s quite possible that the wet weather worked in our favour though, as it managed to keep us somewhat -cool- while we hauled our asses up hundreds of steps to view the Big Buddha up close. 

Garden Hill

It’s not top secret (especially to the Insta famous), but it’s definitely not as busy as the main tourist attractions in Hong Kong. We spontaneously ended up in Garden Hill one evening in hope of seeing the city lights. On reaching the top of the hill, I realised why it was so secluded - once again, the steps were freaking INSANE. This country and their stairs, oh ma lord. But after huffing and puffing for what felt like an eternity, we actually spent ages on top of the hill snapping photos and absorbing the surreal views surrounding us. It was a super calming retreat.

Sai Wan Swimming Shed

So I’d never heard of a ~swimming shed~ in my life but after seeing photos of the Sai Wan swimming shed online, I had to go. The photos looked SO cinematic. Believe it or not, the Victoria Harbour actually isn’t far from the swimming shed, (they’re on the same MTR line & share the same body of water !!) but the atmosphere is entiiirely different. There were a couple of people there purely for the Insta shots, but that doesn’t take from the fact that it’s a perfect, tranquil get-away amidst Hong Kong's hustle and bustle. 

So there's our stay in HK. I've always had extremely high hopes for my first visit, especially after seeing Adam's incredible photos and having him try to coax me into going with him every summer. Now I'm really glad & grateful we could make it happen. Hong Kong, I’ll 100% be visiting you again and hopefully it'll be in the near future! (if you’ll have me))).

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