Outfit Diary - Life's a Beach

August 11, 2016

Finally - my very first outfit post! I find these difficult to do because I'm quite a casual gal, but today, I wanted to give my new denim bardot dress an outing (you know that feeling when you make a proud purchase & you just wanna show it off to the world). Adam and I were going for an evening stroll along Helen's Bay Beach when this unplanned outfit post came about!

Denim Bardot Dress

So I got this shirt-dress in Exhibit. Personally, I think off-shoulder pieces are really feminine and classy. However, I was a lil undecided before I bought this particular one. While I think it's effortlessly stylish, featuring shirt-like front buttons, sleeve ties and just general cuteness, I initially received mixed reactions. Adam said it gave off milkmaid vibes and my dad legit thought it was maternity wear - not. even. joking. So of course, I was doubtful whether the dress was actually cool or just plain weird. BUT, after my purchase I saw a similar shirt in New Look which felt like a confirmation from the gods (or New Look suppliers) that it was actually socially acceptable, if ya get me. It's super comfy anyway and maybe, just maybe the pregnant milkmaid is a style I can pull off.
Only downside about this dress is that it creases very easily as you can see from the photos, so I've got to watch out next time I'm travelling with it.

Yellow Rain Mac 

I paired my denim dress with my yellow rain mac from Urban Outfitters. I was also very hesitant before making this purchase last year (yes, I know I'm a very undecided person). I thought it was sooo vibrant and kind of screamed "LOOK AT ME" which was a tad intimidating for someone who usually leans more toward darker colours like black, grey and well.. more black. I actually think I've gotten my money's worth though. I've grabbed it from the back of my door a bunch of times now and it's been perfect for the unpredictable Irish weather. You can just fold it up, shove it in your bag and save it for a rainy day! I think it works well to brighten up ANY outfit and in this case, it complimented the blue denim super well. I was a bit peeved that one of the buttons fell off shortly after I bought this, but it was nothing a needle and thread couldn't solve!

Shoes, Accessories & Makeup

I didn't wear any jewellery because we were just going on a quick trip, but the sandles and backpack I'm wearing are also from Urban Outfitters. I found these gems in the sale a couple of months ago. The lady at the till said that these sandles actually reminded her of the Doc Martens ones, which must be why I subconsciously fell in love with them. I think the two leather items work well with this outfit as they're both quite minimal and they're broken up by a huge block of colour.
Makeup wise, I just did my usual winged liner and I thought a bright red lip would be kinda cute and vibrant with my yellow coat! As for my hair.. it kind of did it's own thing. I recently got it cut and I'm quite happy with it but the wind didn't do anything for it in these photos, but what can you do. 

Even though it ended up quite a wet and windy visit, it was still refreshing to get out by the sea. It's one of those places I like to go to feel all mindful and stuff. Oh and thank you Adam for taking some really cool shots, his instagram is here if you wanna check it out (do go look because it's amazing) & hopefully I'll have a few more outfit diaries in the near future! 

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  1. lovely post,I like the wholeoutfit and especially the yellow rain mac.xo


    1. Thank you so much! The mac has saved my life (and my hair) on many occasions haha! <3

  2. Lovely outfit! That yellow rain mac is amazing! I've always got love for a bardot dress too :) x

    Y x | www.thesweetsevenfive.com

    1. Thank you!! I'm loving anything bardot at the moment, I've got a couple of tops and dresses in that style too haha! Thank you for the comment :) <3


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