Oliver Bonas Candle Haul

August 05, 2016

Candles should be the number one choice on all gift guides. It doesn't matter who you're buying for, candles always make for a very personal present. They come in pretty much any shape and size, and thanks to scented candles, I can now smell cakes in my own home without having to bake any. I think that once you've considered all of this, along with the colours and packaging, you really can't go wrong! 

One of my all time favourite shops to go to when I'm on the hunt for candles, stationary, homewares and all things right with the world, Oliver Bonas, recently opened in Belfast. I literally visit this store every single time I go to London, so I don't think anyone will ever understand the sheer joy and excitement I felt being able to pop into my fave shop, minus the plane journey.

My mum's birthday was coming up, which is why I'm banging on about gifts all of a sudden. She adores candles, to the point where she already had half of one burned before I could even get some decent photos! I picked the the trio set because I always go for variety rather than choosing one and getting it all wrong. Plus, it meant she could place them around the house (something which she did end up doing). 

The baby blue coloured packaging indicated that the candles would have a really natural, fresh, floral scent. These were also complimented by a zesty note coming from the citrus scents of lime and pomelo. The candle holders were really simple which is totally my thing. Although I like really dainty things, I don't want anything too flamboyant, and I think Oliver Bonas does a good job at keeping things stylish but minimal.

Indian Pomelo, Elderflower & Lime, Bluebell & Hyacinth 
The candles each have an 18 hour burning life, which is pretty decent considering their size. We've had Indian Pomelo burning a few times, and it's safe to say that they are long lasting. So as a candle hoarder, if these were mine, I wouldn't be too worried about not having time to to savour the scent.

Also if you're thinking of burning all three together, the scents really compliment each other. You can get a good idea just as you open the box at how well they work together. Personally, I would rather burn them separately just to get my money's worth. I'd probably save them for a Friday night bath or when I'm feeling a bit frustrated and need to chill with a book, but it's totally up to you!

So both my mum and I were super happy with this gift. They were originally £22.50 but they're on sale now for £15, so go get 'em before they're all gone!

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