Tenerife: We got lost on a volcano!

July 14, 2016

In my previous post I talked a bit about the differences and similarities between Tenerife and Ireland. I wanted to do an entirely different post about the major things we got up to - so here it is!

I mentioned before that I thought this holiday would mainly consist of us sitting around the beach, maybe reading a book, solving a couple of sudokus and drinking cocktails. While part of our trip did, we also managed to squeeze in a couple of touristy activities!

I'm the kind of person who likes to explore what the country I'm staying in has to offer. I just wanted to do a few "once in a lifetime" things, you know - some bucket list material.

So a few days after lounging at the beach, we got out of our sandles, into our trainers, hopped into a taxi and headed to Camel Park. We were brought to a wooden cabin where we confirmed our online booking. It was strange because we were told to just go wait out back and meet the camels, but nobody came with us. I didn't really know the dangers of camels, how to deal with them or anything. All I knew was that they have a tendency to spit, so at first we were super hesitant. We soon realised they were pretty friendly guys who didn't seem too bothered about our presence. They just carried on chewing thin air making us laugh.

 We had the option of sitting on top of our own camel or sharing one with each of us seated on either side. We decided to take a camel each and get the proper experience. When we went there were 2 other couples, so their camels were tied to ours like a train, so our guide could lead and direct us. It was a very bumpy ride, so we were thankful it only lasted 30 minutes but it was such a unique experience. 

The following day we went on a 'Submarine Safari'. Now this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only was it submarine, it was a YELLOW submarine. Not going to lie, I did think it would be one of those oval shaped ones with the obvious periscopes poking out of the Atlantic, so I was surprised to see this long yellow eclair floating toward us. Nonetheless, the whole experience was very cool. There was a circular entrance where we descended into the submarine, which made me feel very Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles going down into the sewers. 

Adam and I shared a window where we first saw a tonne of fish, some shipwreck (not Davy Jones' Locker) and a large sting ray accompanied by a scuba diver. We were submerged for hour. At the start it felt like we were just in an aquarium looking at all the strange sea life, so I had to keep reminding myself - you are in a yellow tube surrounded by water, sting ray and small sharks. But the fact that they played "we all live in a yellow submarine" also assured us.

The following morning we were up at 7 for our day trip to Mt. Teide. Teide is an active Volcano in central Tenerife, which last erupted in 1909. I'm not sure how long the journey was because I slept for most of it, but we stopped in a small village on our way up. We mostly saw forestry and a couple of shops, but I got a serious American highway-lumberjack-movie kind of feel there.

At first we'd planned not to take the cable car, and to just explore the vicinity, but on the way there we said screw it - we're only here once. Plus I'd never been on a cable car before and going up a volcano seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The cable car doesn't leave you at the very top of Teide. There's a short trail you go on when you're up there, and thanks to people littering in the past, you now need to apply for a permit to climb to the very top. Anyway, we got some good snaps and followed the rocky trail to explore more of the mountain. It was absolutely freezing, we even saw ice! 

We were glad of our runners when we decided to go off track, take a different route to everyone else and get completely lost on an active volcano. We thought the path would eventually lead us back to the cable cars, but the further downhill we went, the less it looked like a path and the more time we were losing to get back to our bus. The reality was that we had bypassed the cable cars, and we were heading down to the car park on foot - which would have taken roughly 2 hours. After freaking out a bit, we decided to turn back and start our journey uphill with 40 minutes to spare, baring in mind the queue for the cable cars was super long and they only came every 10 mins. 

So we ran for our lives and I'm a bit annoyed no one was there to see it. We were running up the highest peak in Spain, the air was thin and my face was bright red. It's not like it was just a hill either, we were running/rock climbing - BUT I DID IT and no one was there to see it. No one will ever see how deserving I was of that olympic gold medal. 

We waited for our cable car and made it back with 1 minute to spare, just like the movies. All in all it was very adventurous. I mean, I would ask for them to sign post the place a bit better but I suppose we should have followed the route we were familiar with. 

And that's that! Tenerife far exceeded my expectations. From the cheap-as-chips food to the awesome attractions, this was a holiday that brought so many brand new experiences, and one that I'll remember for the rest of my life! If you're feeling a little curious you can have a look at a few more Tenerife snaps here on my Instagram page, and if you have any questions leave them in the comments and I'll try my best to answer! But for now, roll on Summer 2017!!!

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