Tenerife 2016

July 07, 2016

I had never been on a sun holiday before. I'm more of a city break kind of girl. I never understood why you would spend all that money just to sit around boiling and burning to death with sand blowing in your eyes and freezing your ass off in the sea along with all the lil creepy urchins that live in there. 

Summer in Ireland to me equates to hay fever, flies trying to share my food and having this love/hate relationship with the sun where one minute I feel positive and full of life, and the next I'm completely drained and passed out in bed. This summer holiday was going to be different though. I was going to sit out on a sunbed with nothing to do and LIKE IT. 

Adam and I booked our flights and hotel in January, but hadn't had time  to discuss it until a few days before we jetted off. This was different from our other hols in that we didn't have a rigid schedule of alllll the things we needed to cram in. We were just going to go with the flow. (and I'm not a very flowy person). 

So because we pretty much did zero research, I didn't entirely know what I was getting myself into. Even as the plane was landing I thought we had just arrived at the set of Breaking Bad. It was pretty much barren - few cacti here and there, rocks, rocks and more rocks covered in small lizards. All it needed was a caravan planted somewhere with Walt's trousers flowing in the wind and I would have been fully convinced. 



Amidst all of this however, lay many tourist-y areas. We landed in Tenerife South airport and headed straight for our hotel in Costa Adeje. This area is by no means the ~real Tenerife~ as a tourist informational guide coined it. To be honest, the real reason we chose here was so we could reside close to the infamous water park, Siam Park.

Luckily, Sunset Bay Hotel was just a 30 minute stroll from Siam, with many shops and restaurants surrounding us. Sunset Bay is literally a 2 minute walk from the beach and facilitated us with sun beds, 2 outdoor swimming pools and a jacuzzi. It was sort of self-catering. We had our own kitchen/living room with access to our very own private balcony. 

After getting completely cooked on our first day sunbathing. we slowly got into a routine where we could only spend 2 hours in direct sunlight. We spent our mornings doing touristy activities, our afternoons by/in the hotel pool and our evenings at the beach. 

This worked out particularly well for us as we're not that into very public and crowded spaces. Peak hours for the beach were from around 12-6, so this is when we decided to go do our activities or chill in the shade drinking cocktails. After that, the beaches were pretty much dead. We got to watch the sunset most days and the water was the perfect temperature at that time. It was all very magical really.


The thing about going to a tourist area was that food-wise, we got the best of both worlds. Some restaurants sold very authentic Spanish food while there were also loads of Indian, Japanese, Chinese, American, Italian restaurants all over. The crazy thing was though, that food was so cheap!! We went to this rooftop Indian restaurant like 3 times (we were on holiday, you can't judge), and had poppadoms, onion bhajis, pakoras, tandoori chicken, our main meal with naan and rice for just €12!!! I can't imagine ever getting a deal like that in Ireland.  

We stumbled across this amazing American diner one night when we were roaming the streets. The first thing I heard was Bowie's Hero's blaring outside and I already knew I was going to like this place. But then we saw it - people were eating - IN CARS. Of course I freaked out as these kind of novelties are pretty much what I live for, so we booked a table for 10pm to get the full date night experience, and hear the live band. The food was alright, but the experience was one I will never forget. 


 It was obvious the area was built with UK tourists in mind, as one supermarket even stocked Tesco's finest range. A huge thing I found different however, was that I could frolic around in dresses, kimonos and make up free without anyone giving me a second glance. 

I think the biggest difference to the UK/Ireland was waking up in the morning, getting dressed and heading out the door without checking the weather. I'd gotten so used to it that the following morning that I'd arrived home, I got dressed before checking the weather, opened the curtains and then got redressed. It was definitely a lifestyle I could have gotten used to! 

There are the main deets about my trip! I came back feeling super re-energised and ready to get back into a regular routine. I think the sun did me good, although I got a LOT of it, I think it's important for my mood (and everyone's really). So yes, I don't have any objections to returning or visiting another one of the Canary Islands! I'm going to do another post about our day trips and things we got up to when we weren't lazing around in the sun so stay tuned! 

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