A Foodie's Valentines

February 24, 2016

I've always felt like Valentines Day was just this unnecessary and commercialised holiday. It's like one day of the year to buy your partners love with overpriced roses, fancy chocolates and ridiculously expensive presents and all just a short while after Christmas.

But after being in a long distance relationship for almost 3 years, I get it. Valentines weekend is now special for Adam and I. It's the perfect reason to spend time together and just have one solid weekend dedicated solely to ourselves. 

It's also a massive excuse to eat whatever we want. But that's ok, because eating crap is always better when you're with someone, and for some reason you don't feel as guilty. Probably because you're both getting fat together. 

We said no presents this year and I meant no presents. I know it's not a competition but last year I was left to compete with a Michael Kors watch, and all I had to show was a box of chocolates and a couple of notebooks. So this year, I really meant no presents. (The notebooks were cute don't worry). I did however decorate my college room with a cute heart bunting and big red heart shaped balloons as a little surprise. And seeing as no presents doesn't really exist, I was presented with 12 of my absolute favourite macarons, a bunch of roses and a card to mark the occasion. 

We had our official romantic evening meal on the 13th because it was a Saturday. We booked a table in a Thai restaurant called SABA. Both Adam and I had surprisingly never tried Thai food before so this was the perfect opportunity. We ordered 2 starters to share and a main each, all of which were delicious. Great customer service was also sustained from booking our reservation to leaving the restaurant. We were delighted that we chose food we know we'd like rather than going to an Italian restaurant where we'd end up ordering pasta and it would come out on a tiny saucer but still cost a bomb.  

We finished our dinner with some handmade ice cream from Dingle in Murphy's. I love how they stay open so late, because some winter nights all you want is ice cream. 

We persisted through the weekend, shopping, watching movies and eating all the crap you can imagine. From restaurants, takeaways and ready meals to melted chocolate and strawberries with wine, I think we did ourselves justice.

Thank you Adam for making Valentines weekend so special.

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