The upside of 2015

January 09, 2016

I became sporty

I strengthened my core in January with Pilates. Following blogilates videos from beginner to pro over the first few months of 2015 gave me a more positive view of exercise, that it didn't have to be crazy sweating just to lose weight.

It shouldn't just be for vanity, It's a lifestyle, it makes you FEEL good as well as look good. It means you can eat that bar of chocolate (or 10) and not feel like poo.

I realised that running didn't have to involve puking my guts up. Although I can barely manage 3k, I proved to myself that if I ever need to, I can run.

I've always been pretty weak, even with Pilates, my arms never really toned up, and although they're not exactly toned, I've noticed that I can actually lift things without struggling sometimes, which is a really good feeling.

Through swimming I discovered muscle in places I didn't know was possible.Swimming has been my favourite, I feel as strong as I did with Pilates and it's not as high impact on my joints as running.

A lot of people say it's off putting not being able to do much. But after going twice a week for 3 months, I've definitely built up my stamina and I feel stronger than ever.

I discovered what  I want to do in life

Although I chose my course when I was 17, I never really knew what it was exactly that made me want to get up in the morning. I chose multimedia because it's probably one of the broadest and action packed courses.

After secondary school I knew studying just wasn't for me anymore and although I was decent enough at academic work, I much preferred building, creating and making, but deciding what creative field to pursue was a tough one, so "multimedia" sounded like a good choice.

After a photography and graphic design module I realised I was in the right course. I've always been creative and the school I attended which didn't provide art or music really inhibited my creative growth. It's only now, half way through my degree that I'm beginning to feel "creative" and original enough for the industry.

I got braces

I had never been the slightest bit happy with my teeth, but after 4 extractions and having braces for just 4 months has really changed a lot.

I don't mind smiling for photos anymore and I don't feel as if I look about 12 anymore. (Even with the braces) I can't get over the results and how much it's helped my confidence. It's strange how something so small can make such a big difference.

I don't have any New Years resolutions for 2016. I suppose the aim of 2016 for me is to stress less. :)

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