Hello World!

August 25, 2015

Introductions are always awkward, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about who I am and why I’ve finally decided to start blogging!

My name is Sheena, I live in Ireland and I’m an 18 year old multimedia student.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for over 2 years now. But, instead of just putting pen to paper (or I should say fingers to keys), I’ve wasted 2 years making mental lists – ‘Reasons why I’m not blogger material’- And after going over all of the excuses multiple times, I’ve finally come to realise that blogging might actually be a good thing for me!

Here’s why:

I’m very passionate about clothes, shoes, make up, homeware, and design. I obsess over the latest trends and I’ve got a lot to say about them – so I’m making this my place to share opinions, tips and reviews, kind of like a diary!

I’m really interested in photography and design, so as you can guess, I’m one of those people who takes photos of everything. But seriously, there are tonnes of great photos sitting in my camera roll (if I do say so myself) that I’m excited to share. I’ve recently started recording videos of my trips, holidays and outings too, so once I get this editing thing down, my blog will be the perfect place to share my work and provide a bit of insight!

Now writing isn’t my strongest point. Actually, unless you consider Facebook messaging as writing, I never write. It’s a non-existent skill that I’ve never been confident about – I just can’t make things flow the way I’d like to. So, as well as posting pictures of my latest on goings, I’m also looking forward to sharing opinions and finding my voice through text.

So really, this blog is going to keep me on my toes and stop me from slacking! Turn me into a better person! Something like that anyway - Hope you enjoy!

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